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What is CrossFit | Here is the answer to the 15 most common questions

In this article, I will answer the most frequently asked questions about CrossFit. Here are the 15 most common questions asked by our readers about this famous training method.

Highlights of the article

1 What sport is CrossFit?
2 Who Invented Crossfit?
3 What is Greg Glassman's heritage?
4 What is WOD in CrossFit?
5 What does Metcon mean?
6 What is an Amrap?
7 What does RX mean in CrossFit?
8 What does EMOM mean?
9 What is functional training?
10 Does CrossFit make you lose weight?
11 How long does it take to see results with CrossFit?
12 What Should I Eat If I Do CrossFit?
13 Are CrossFit and HIIT Training the Same Thing?

What sport is CrossFit?

CrossFit is not a sport, but a training method. This fitness regimen incorporates elements of various sports into its training routine including gymnastics, Olympic weightlifting and other high-intensity disciplines, mixed together and constantly varied. Although it is called the “sport of fitness” it is not recognized by any federation worldwide.
Who Invented Crossfit?

CrossFit was “patented” by Greg Glassman and Lauren Jeani in Santa Cruz, California in 2000
What is Greg Glassman’s heritage?

CrossFit.inc founder Greg Glassman’s assets are approximately US $ 120 million.
What is WOD in CrossFit?

WOD is the acronym for the workout of the day, literally translated into “workout of the day”. This training is carried out during the CrossFit classes and is released by the official CrossFit website which is crossfit.com every day and then is performed by all the athletes, this training can be done both in climbing mode and in Rx mode in step to your own fitness status.
What does Metcon mean?

Metcon is short for metabolic conditioning is a training style. The term describes short bouts of high-intensity training designed to increase metabolic demand and increase energy consumption.

The goal of a special session is to achieve and sustain a high effort in a short period of time, with as little rest as possible to make the body more energy efficient.
What is an Amrap?

The term Amrap from English “As Many Reps As Possible” literally translated into “The greatest possible number of repetitions” is a term used to describe a certain type of workout in which you have to do as many repetitions as possible of a certain exercise in a maximum time established previously.
What does RX mean in CrossFit?

The term Rx indicates the correct execution of a certain workout using prescribed loads and repetitions. CrossFit workouts can be resized or scaled from the English “scaled” according to your fitness level. The goal of every CrossFitter is to arrive over time and with constant training, to a state of form capable of performing all training workouts in Rx mode.
What does EMOM mean?

The term EMOM from the English “every minute in the minute” literally translated into “every minute in the minute” identifies a type of training or interval workout in which a specific activity is performed at the beginning of each minute for a certain period of weather.
What is functional training?

Functional training is the fusion of different fitness disciplines in a specific training program. By definition, we mean “functional” to the movements that we commonly carry out in every moment of our life. This training does not involve the use of professional-strength machines like bodybuilding.
Does CrossFit make you lose weight?

Yes, the increase in lean muscles improves energy expenditure and increases metabolism, promoting the loss of excess fat. Improved body composition helps maintain a healthy and efficient metabolism.
How long does it take to see results with CrossFit?

About 4/6 months from the start. The correct CrossFit training pattern suggests training 5 times a week using a training frequency that alternates between 3 training days and 1 rest day. If this calendar is followed scrupulously, the results are guaranteed and long-lasting.
What should I eat if I do CrossFit?

    1. Legumes
    2. Nuts and seeds
    3. Healthy oils
    4. Healthy complex carbohydrates
    5. Green leafy vegetables
    6. Fruit
    7. Probiotic foods
    8. Foods rich in noble proteins

Are CrossFit and HIIT training the same thing?

CrossFit and high-intensity training (HITT) are both examples of mixed modal training, which means they both involve different types

of activity within a workout. But they are not the same, CrossFit is a much more complex and complete training protocol.

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